• Greetings:

    I am pleased to welcome you to the Sutton Public Schools' website.  The Sutton School Community has been working diligently to develop and improve upon the existing educational, social and community based practices to best serve the children of Sutton.

    These initiatives are designed to move the Sutton Public Schools toward 21st century learning standards for all children in our community.  Improved educational opportunities would not be possible without the generous broad-based support of the entire staff, families, community members, DLT, PTO, PAC, booster clubs, SEFT, and the business community at large.  I greatly appreciate all the support provided by all members of the Sutton Learning Community as we continue to explore a variety of ways to improve the educational experience for every child who walks through our doors.  Please remember, education is a journey not a race.

    Theodore F. Friend
    Superintendent of Schools


    Mission Statement
    The Sutton Learning Community cultivates a positive, collaborative, engaging and safe environment that fosters academic excellence, social responsibility, personal growth and lifelong learning.