• Title I Staff


    Jessica Merriam - Director

    (508) 581-1610, x1154 

    Julia Tringuk - Reading Teacher and Math Coach

    (508) 581-1610, x3560 

     What is Title I?  
    • Largest federally funded education program
    • Provides $$ to eligible school districts based on U.S. census poverty guidelines
    • Students selected based on teacher referral, formal & informal assessments, and/or parental concerns
    • Required to use research based methods of instruction to improve student achievement
    • Supplements core curriculum
    What does Title I “look like” in Sutton?  
    • Services grades K & 1 
    • In class support
    • Small group pullout
    • Occasionally 1-to-1
    • Students can be released/added through out the year  
    Parent involvement is key to a successful Title I program.   
    • Communicate with the school. Don’t be afraid to call with questions!
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences and special events at school
    • Read with your child.  Allow your child to see you reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
    • Encourage your child to write notes/letters to you and/or family
    • Be positive and supportive
    • Limit TV and video games
    • Provide structure to your child’s day, which allows time to read and do homework
    • Help your child organize school materials  
    What is DIBELS? 
    The Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are a set of measures to assess the acquisition of early literacy skills.  The assessments are short (one minute) measures used to monitor the development of early reading skills.

    Sutton students in kindergarten through grade 5, regardless of Title I eligibility or participation, are screened using this instrument three times per year; in September, January and May. For more information about DIBELS, click here to go to the DIBELS website.

    If your child scores below the benchmark in any. of the DIBELS subtests, click here for on-line activities to help strengthen his/her skills.