• Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Sutton School Committee is to provide the best educational opportunities for the community of Sutton by setting policy, advocating and enforcing the budget, recruiting the central administration and overseeing its operation, and establishing curriculum and performance standards.



    Vision Statement:

    The Sutton Public Schools will provide the community with a physically and emotionally safe learning environment with access to the most modern technology and curriculum available.  Pre-school programs will be provided within an integrated setting.  The K through 12 curricula will be coordinated, facilitating grade level transitions and integrating subjects through common themes.  Adult education programs will offer lifelong learning opportunities.  The teaching and support staff will be highly qualified, furthering their professional development through continuing education.  The school campus will accommodate the student population, allowing for small class sizes and special use classrooms.  The students, parents, teachers and support staff will work cooperatively.  Each individual will be challenged to meet his or her maximum potential.  A strong school-parent-community involvement will be the foundation in brining the Sutton School System closer to our vision.

    the School Committee further defined its vision statement during their two budget preparation meetings late in 2005.  The School Committee set the vision that the Sutton School District should be in the top 10% of public schools in Massachusetts.

    Possible Measures of Sutton School District Performance include:

    • Standardized test scores
    • Class size
    • Number of graduates attending a four year college program
    • Student success after graduation
    • Diversity/comprehensiveness of offerings
    • Equity of offerings
    • Robust extracurricular activities
    • Frequency and diversity of recognition
    • AP test results, number of AP offerings
    • Percentage of highly qualified teachers
    • Professional development offerings
    • Percent of Sutton children not attending school at Sutton Public Schools
    • Community views schools as clean and well maintained
    • Science and technology offerings
    • Availability of state of the art labs for library, technology, and science
    • Age and availability of materials




    We hold as a fundamental truth that children are our most treasured resource.  We embrace the responsibility of their education, and recognize their developmental needs as both universal and individualistic.  

    We believe in an educational system that teaches respect for ourselves, others, our schools, and our community; recognizes an individual's self-worth, talents, and effort; that prepares our children for tomorrow's challenges by supporting and rewarding individuals for academic excellence, creativity, and team work; and encourages new ideas and provides a safe learning environment for taking risks and learning from mistakes.

    We promote a healthy school spirit by encouraging participation in extracurricular activities, and by supporting positive peer socialization.

    We value a sound, fundamental K-12 coordinated curriculum and the excitement of discovery brought about by the integration of technology into our programs.

    We foster partnerships between parents and teachers, and also the schools and community.

    We encourage ourselves and others to be efficient, open minded and creative with our fiscal responsibilities.

    We celebrate cultural diversity, lifelong learning, and the university of our public schools.