• Prices

    Reimbursable Student Breakfast:  $1.50

    Reduced Breakfast:$.30

    Reimbursable Student Lunch:  $3.25

    Reduced Lunch: $.40

    Double Entree (must purchase a reimbursable meal first):  $2.75
    Entree Only (w/o purchase of a reimbursable meal):  $3.35
    Just Milk:  $.75

    Staff Meals:  $4.00



    Available Daily:  6:55 am - 7:30 am


    Breakfast meal includes: a grain/protein product (ex:Toasted bagel, cereal, muffin, cinnimon bun, breakfast sandwich) + 1 fruit serving; fresh, chilled, dried, 4oz juice cup (must take) + 1-8oz milk                                                                                   

    Assorted Cereal bowls and bars, assorted muffins, cinnamon bars, breakfast cars, toasted bagels with cream cheese, warm honey & cinnamon buns, mini bagel stuffers, assorted yogurt (Greek and non-fat regular)

    Variety of fresh, chilled, dried fruit, and 4oz 100% juice cups

    Variety of ice cold 8oz milk


    Breakfast will also be available during Advisory Period** As of school year 2019-2020