• Welcome to Graphic Design II.


    This course will be an extension of the level one graphics class. We will revist each of program in turn (Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya) and take time to reaquaint ourselves with the basics of each and then expand on them. Whether that means new tools, concepts or simply more challenging versions of past exercises. The hope is that towards the final quarter we can move to working more independently and students will have the oppertunity to work on projects of their own design in whichever software they felt most drawn. If the class is able to do this each student will design their own lessons and be responsible to outline and meeting their own goals. They may choose to focus exclusivly on one sofware, do a number of quick short term project or only a few month long peices. Depending on the ambition and scale of each I will know what an acceptable timeline would be. I am open to students exploring other software to tie into what we've learned here too, just state in in the independent project submissions.

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