Students and Parents,
              Where will you be next year at this time?  The research you will do in these next few months will
              have much bearing in helping you find the answer to this question.  You are in the driver’s seat…talk
              things over with your parents, your counselor and your friends.

              Your counselor invites you to put your cards on the table.  What are your current plans? Will you apply to
              college, the military, or enter the workforce?  How can your counselor help or advise you on this
              matter? All counselors are experienced in the field of advising students.  Do not hesitate to speak to
              them with regard to your future plans. 
    We are more than happy to provide this service!

              Guidance Appointments

              We can help you! The last year of high school is a busy one and it's important to keep your counselor
              up to date on what you are planning to do after you graduate. This makes it much easier for us to
              help you! Visit the guidance office to make an appointment with your guidance counselor.  
    Appointments can be scheduled during lunch, advisory (Days 1-6) or during Student
              Production Periods (SPPs).