What to Expect

    Our Counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program that meets the needs of their assigned students in grades 9-12. The guidance department promotes and enhances the academic, personal, social, and career development of all students. Below is an outline of what your student can expect from his or her counselor each year.

          Guidance Services

    • Communicate with students and parents regarding academic opportunities and scheduling.
    • College and post-secondary career planning.
    • Provide career exploration opportunities.
    • Classroom and small group guidance instruction.
    • Help resolve problems that interfere with learning.
    • Counsel individuals and groups.
    • Educate students about conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
    • Offer crisis intervention and prevention.

          9th Grade

         The primary focus is transitioning to high school

    • Graduation requirements, GPAs, transcripts
    • MA state university requirements, postsecondary planning
    • Self-awareness/Goal-setting
    • Time management/Study skills

         Other Considerations

    • Getting involved in the school and community
    • Peer relationships
    • Stress management
    • Course selection process

          10th Grade

         The primary focus is Career Exploration

    • Introduction of online resources/portfolios
    • Career Interest Inventories
    • Career Panel
    • Off-Campus opportunities (i.e. expos, field trips)

          Other considerations:

    • Long and short term goals
    • Learning styles
    • PSAT - October
    • Course selection process

          11th Grade

         The primary focus is college/post-secondary planning

    • Introduction of online research resources such as College Board and Mass CIS
    • Presentations regarding college search
    • College Fairs
    • SAT/ACT information
    • Individual meetings to discuss plans
    • Job Shadow Day

         Other Considerations

    • PSAT - October
    • Course selection process

          12th Grade

    The primary focus is individualized college/post-secondary planning

    • Introduction of online application tools such as Common Application
    • College Essays
    • College/Workplace recommendations
    • Scholarships
    • Individual meetings to discuss plans and timelines

         Other Considerations

    • SAT - October, November
    • Transitioning out of high school