Sutton Nutrition
  • Sutton school nutrition is committed to providing meals to our students during this difficult time. Because of an announcement by USDA we have been granted the ability to provide

    free breakfast and lunch to ALL students until June 30th.

    We will be providing meals while students attend school during the hybrid sessions as well as for those choosing to participate in remote learning. 

    For the remote learning we will have a grab and go session available from 4:30-6pm on Monday evenings behind the Sutton High School.

    If there is a holiday that falls on a Monday we will offer pick up of the grab n go meal bags on Tuesday evening from 4:30-6pm. Please follow us @ Sutton Food Service on Facebook

    Meal bags will contain 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches.

    We look forward to serving the community and providing nutrition essential to enhance the learning process.  

    As of April 5th with the return of Sutton students we will be using our grab and go to service those students that either remain remote or who have not yet returned to school.  When all grades are able to return to in person we will only serve grab n go meals to those students who are remote. 

    There is no need to sign up for these meals please just come during the pick up times listed and let us know the name and the grade of the student(s) you are picking up for. Also if you are unable to make it to the pick up times above please feel free to send a neighbor, friend, familiy member etc. to pick up the meal bag(s) on your behalf.


    When picking up meals please have your trunk unlocked and space for the meals to be loaded. Also for the saftey of our staff - please wear a mask at pickup. 


     Thank you !!



    Please feel free to email with any additional questions regarding the USDA free meals waiver or the grab and go process.