• Gender Sexuality Alliance

    What is the GSA? The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a student led group formed to make Sutton High School and the Sutton community a more welcoming and supportive place for ALL students regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The group provides a safe place for students to gather and discuss issues regarding the LGBTQ community and beyond, organizes welcoming social events, attends regional conferences and educates the Sutton community regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people.

    What is gender identity? What is gender expression? Click HERE for more information.

    What to do when your child comes out to you?   

    Meeting Information:

    Every Friday from 2-3pm and once per month during Advisory.

    Room 268, Ms. Motyl-Szary's room


    Need more information? Contact Advisor Coleen Motyl-Szary motylc@suttonschools.net

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    "Parents represent and interpret society to a child or adolescent. A parent's reaction defines the world's acceptance or rejection. It determines whether a child will feel secure, confident and optimistic--or rejected, frightened and unvalued. The two most effective strategies to overcome discrimination against gays and lesbians are the simple acts of coming out, and parents' accepting and embracing their gay children. Then the neighbors, friends and co-workers of the parents begin to re-think their reflexive rejection of gay people. That's how a minority that has faced ostracism and prejudice achieves society's understanding and acceptance." --an activist gay man