•  Athletic Locations 

    Sutton High School is located at: 383 Boston Road, Sutton. (Football, Boys and Girls Tennis and some soccer games are played on the main athletic field)

    Sutton Elementary School is located at 409 Boston Road, Sutton. (Field Hockey, Baseball, Softball, some JV Soccer and Volleyball play at this location)

    Memorial Field is located at 38 Singletary Ave, Sutton (Boys and Girls Soccer play at this location)

    Shaw Farm is located at Shaw Lane - Off of Putnam Hill Road, Sutton. (Cross Country has their home meets at this location)

    Northbridge High School is located at 427 Linwood Street, Whitinsville. (Indoor Track has their home meets at this location)

    Blackstone National Golf Club is located at 227 Putnam Hill Rd., Sutton