• Sutton Middle School
    Parents are reminded that if you're picking your child up at the end of the school day to please pull all the way forward around the island in the front of the High School/Middle School driveway.  As cars begin to leave the area after they're pick-up, continue to pull forward.  Thank you!


    7th Grade "Day for Change"
    During this day I was teamed up with a High School Peer Advocate who helped run several games and exercises that dealt with relationships, teamwork and self-esteem.  The day was about learning from each other and growing through sharing personal experiences.....and there was also a mean Tug of War match that took place during the day!


    April 2016

    I never know what I'll be faced with each day when I come to work, but that is the part of my job that I enjoy the most.  This particular day, the HS/MS elevator was malfunctioning and under repair.....but one injured student still needed to get to class.  Gracie was one of our "Kids Academy" graduates and knows my thoughts about getting a job done....so she hopped on my back for a piggy back ride and up the stairs we went! Little did I know that the elevator was going to be serviced for most of the day and this trip up the stairs wasn't going to be the only time I'd carry her that day! surprise



    March 18, 2016

    This sporting event we decided to switch things up from our Volleyball Tournament.  I reached out to some co-workers of mine from the police and fire departments and we made up a team to take on the kids.  With our custom made striped prison shirts, we called ourselves "The Jailbirds".  The brackets were made for the double elimination tournament and we just hoped for the best.  While we didn't win the overall tournament, we had a great time hanging out with the faculty and staff as they saw us in a different role.  We're looking forward to whatever sporting event is next up!

    (Right Team Pic:  Ptl. Michael McGee, Chief Dennis Towle, Det. Matthew Bohanan, Sutton Fire Chief Matthew Belsito, Sutton FF Robin Dresser, School Resource Officer Lisa Sullivan and Sutton FF Renee Roy. Ptl. William Jacques also played but missed out on the team pic.)

    November 2015

    You may have heard that there was a pretty serious volleyball tournament amongst a bunch of teams made up of Middle School students and some staff.  The purpose of this tournament was to have some fun and do a good deed by raising money for the Sutton Food Pantry with the $4 entrance fee for each player on a team.  I was pleasantly surprised to have been asked to join a team that was participating in the tournament!  We didn't have an official team name at first, and then the suggestion of Sweathogs was thrown out and stuck!  I did have to tell my teamates to ask to their parents about the Sweathogs and the show Welcome Back Carter where it originated from in order to understand the name a little better. frown  While we didn't win the tournament (we did win best team uniforms!), we had a great time raising money for a worthy cause in town and look forward to another shot at the title next year!  


    The Sweathogs

    October 2015
    Last week myself and several other area police officers spent several hours for the teacher's Professional Development Day, training staff in the principles of ALICE.  What's ALICE?  ALICE is a program being taught all over the country to better equip staff and students with skills should an armed intruder situation ever occur. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. Now I realize you're probably thinking that something like that will NEVER happen in Sutton, and I hope that you're right.  But why not offer options to those to better help themselves should an emergency ever arise?  So for a few hours, we put the Middle School's staff in several different scenarios where they had to assess what was going on and make the best decision for themselves and their class with what they were going to do to try and stay safe.  At the end of the day, we shared in some laughs but more importantly, learned some valuable information!

    Halloween 2015 with Rachel Perry as a Police Officer!

    September 2015
    Starting school this year in a new position offers challenges of getting to know all of the students and staff.  Thankfully there is a large group of Middle School students who I already have been fortunate enough to meet through the Sutton Police Department's Youth Police Academy Program....because there are A LOT of Middle Schoolers!  I was able to spend some time with the kids at this year's first TNO where I lost a game of Connect 4 with a group in the library, shot some (bball) hoops in the gym and then spent the rest of the time dancing in the cafeteria (hey, if there's a good tune on, I'm dancing!)...it's all about showing the kids that the police are regular people too.