iParent is a system that allows parents real-time access to student assignments and grades.  iParent is available to parents of Sutton Middle School and Sutton High School students.
    The iParent System is tightly integrated into the District's iPass student information system including teacher rankbooks. iParent is specifically designed to provide an additional means of communication and sharing information between parents, teachers, students, and administrators.
    Parents/guardians must apply for access to iParent on-line by clicking this registration link. This will bring them to a registration page.
    Parents/guardians must fill out and submit the registration form.  All fields indicated with an asterisk are required, including your child's student ID number.  This four digit number can be found on any progress report or report card. This is also their lunch ID number.
    Parents/guardians must enter their own username and password. Please do not use your child's ID number as your username.  Please note that the District and schools do not maintain this information. If parents/guardians forget either or both, they can use the new Forgot ID and/or Forgot Password features described below.
    Completing the registration form does not instantly provide parents/guardians with on-line access.  They will receive an e-mail from the school regarding the status of their application.  The District always reserves the right to require additional information and/or that a parent/guardian visit the school in person prior to final approval. 
    Parents/guardians should be aware that the District has asked all teachers to enter assignments/tests into their rankbook on or before the date the assignment/test was given to the student.  Grades for each assignment/test given will be entered into teachers' rankbooks and available in iParent within a reasonable timeframe but not more than two weeks after the due date of an assignment.

    Only one iParent account is allowed per individual.  Please DO NOT apply for another iParent account if you need to add a student to your account or should you misplace your username or password. FORGOT ID and FORGOT PASSWORD have been added to the log in screen.  Call the office to add a student to your account. When you use these features please enter the e-mail address that is on record in the iParent database.  An automated message will be sent to that e-mail account if a match is found.  Please be aware that using these features are a timed process.  It is necessary for you to go into your e-mail account to get your log in information and log into iParent immediately.  If you wait too long to access your e-mail, a timed out message will appear.