• Simonian Center/Early Learning Center

    Please do not enter the main parking lot area directly in front of the Simonian Center between the restricted times posted along the driveway!  There are two signs, one located at the edge of the sidewalk and road's edge near the auditorium and the other is across the street.

    Parents:  During morning drop-off along the side of the building, please DO NOT let children out of the car into the parking lot side of the lot.  All of the kids should be getting out of your cars on the passenger side (closest to the sidewalk).  Also, pull all the way forward before you start letting the kids out.  Three cars at the same time can safely unload along the sidewalk if everyone pulls all the way forward (even if I'm not there to help).

    During afternoon parent pick-up, please continue to keep the area along the roadway where the buses pull into the school parking area, free from cars - yes, even when I am not there to ask you to not park there.  This makes for a safe entrance/exit of the buses.  
                                                         December 2, 2016 -Mystery Reader!
    Today I spent some time with Ms. Chausse's 2nd Grade as their Mystery Reader!  We read 2 books, one for fun and one that had some great safety tips for the kids.  I spent some time afterwards with them where they asked me questions about my police equipment and the job that I do.
                                                                      Halloween ~ 2016   

    Halloween is definitely one of my favorite times at school.  It's especially adorable when my littlest of friends dress up as police officers!  When I ask the kids about their costume and the equipment they're carrying, the best part is when they explain to me that they have "handcups" to put on the bad guy! 
                                           October 4, 2016 ~ Bus Evacuation Drills                     
                                                                   March 30, 2016                                                   

                     Mystery Reader for Ms. Muscatell's Kindergarten Class

    March 2016
    For this month's Professional Development half day, the faculty and staff participated in ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Training that myself and several other area police officers conducted. Although an active shooter situation is an uncomfortable subject to think about, it became apparent during our training that it is necessary to do some "what if" thinking in order to better prepare for such a crisis.  There were great questions asked and conversations that were had all in the name of safety!  I look forward to building upon the training we did so that we can be even more prepared for the future.

    October 2015
    I had a great time at this month's Fun Night Out where I was able to dance with kids as well as talk with some of you (parents) that I normally only see during your morning drop off time.  It was especially fun for me to take some pictures with all of the other police officers that were there (your kids in their costumes).  While I didn't play any games, it definitely looked like the kids had a great time doing so!
    This lovely little 80's lady had on some jelly bracelets that I had to show her how we wore them in the "old" days. 

    September 2015
    Every morning I try and make it out to the parent drop-off area to help with the traffic flow and let the little peeps (people) know that I'm on school grounds to help make them feel safe.  I never want to have safety be a concern to any of of them.  It's during this time that I also get to see the family unit together and watch all of you interact with each other in your cars, even for just a few minutes.  Some of your kiddos caught my attention early on and I've developed nicknames for them as a way of showing that I may not remember all of their given names, but I remember something about them that makes them unique to me.  For example, there's "Hat Guy".  Hat Guy is a little boy who I noticed very early on in the school year because he had an affinity for unique hats and he wore a different one everyday.  I'll ask Hat Guy about his day's hat choice and learn a little bit about him or his family and we start our day like that.  
    I recently have added a new "peep" to my nickname crew and that's "Hug-a-Bug".  One day, another young boy seemed exasperated as he exited his Mom's car to begin his walk into the school. Then without warning he spontaneously stopped to give me a hug. (This is a little different of an experience for a police officer who's been responding to police calls for service for almost 20 years....) Hug-a-Bug didn't say anything, just hugged me and went about his day.  Now, every morning, Hug-a-Bug greets me this way and it's a great start to the day!  
    I have a couple of Anna's in my morning routine, both equally adorable, but both very different in their own way.
    One Anna I have known before coming to this new position and the other I have just met.  New Anna cracks me up.  She's a little peep with a hilarious attitude and I love it when our paths cross during the day because I just think she's funny with her sometimes sassy answers to my questions.