•              Kindergarten Curriculum

    Reading Readiness and Oral Language Development 

       Printing first and last name independently.

       Hold print material in correct position (left-to-right & top-to-bottom.)

       Sequencing and interprets pictures to tell a story and predict logical outcomes.

       Identifying upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

       Verbalizing rhyming words.
       Verbalizing consonant sounds.

       Drawing pictures and phonetically spell words to write about experiences, stories, people, objects or events.

       Reading high frequency words.

                                                               Kindergarten Writing Rubrics
    Topic 1 2 3 4 5
    Topic/Idea development
    overall effect
    No identifiable topic. On topic with minimal details. (1 out of 3) Topic encompasses part of the day. (2 out of 3 pages) Topic encompasses one segment of the day. (3 out of 3) Developed topic spanning the day.
    focus, logically ordered, clarity of paragraphs
    Little or no sequence. Some evidence of planning and sequence. 2 out of 3 pages planned and sequenced. 3 out of 3 pages planned and sequenced. 3 out of 3 pages sequenced and labeled with time ordered words.
    Picture details
    supports main idea with relevent details
    Scribbles, unidentifiable drawings. Simple identifiable drawings. Multiple colors, multiple figures, movement or change. Facial expression, tiny details. Detailed figures placed in a setting.
    Words/sentences development of the main points
    Random single lettes. Pictures labeled with beginning and ending sounds. Pictures labeled with identifying words or phrases. Simple sentences that include high frequency words and phonetically spelled words. Simple sentences using capitals punctuations, and proper spacing.

    Math Readiness

       Counting 20 or more objects

       Counting beyond 100

       Counting backward

       Skip counting

       Reading 2 digit numbers

       Writing 2 digit numbers

       Basic addition and subtraction

       Basic geometric shapes

       Naming coins and their values

       Telling time on an analog clock

       Understanding concepts of symmetry

    Science Themes



       Five Senses


       States of matter

       Physical properties


       Dinosaurs / Fossils

       Engineering and design

       Materials and tools



       Tide pools


       Life cycles


    Social Studies Themes

       Who am I?  How am I different?

       Classroom community / Core values

       Special holidays

       Native Americans

       Community helpers

       Fire prevention

       Different types of families




       Map skills

       American symbols