Grade 1 Curriculum

    Reading / English Language Arts Concepts

       Reading vocabulary

       Phonics skills

       Oral reading




       Express written ideas clearly

       Expands written ideas with details

       Spelling application in writing


       Participation in group discussions

       Express ideas clearly when speaking

    Grade 1 Writing Rubrics


    Topic 1 2 3 4 5
    Topic/Idea Development
    Overall effect with relevant details.
    Not on given topic. Story on topic with minimal details. Well developed topic with supporting details and without repetition.
    Focus, logically ordered, clarity in paragraphs
    Little or no sequence in writing. Story has two identifiable parts. Story has beginning, middle and end.
    Sentences support main idea, relevant details, examples develop the main points
    No supporting details within a sentence. At least one detail to support topic within a sentence. Consistently expands ideas beyond a basic sentence without repetition.
    Correct language usage, uses a variety of vocabulary, uses a variety of sentence styles
    Simple vocabulary.
    Repetitive sentences.
    Attempts to incorporate descriptives.
    Uses some sentence variation.
    Uses varied vocabulary to enhance subject matter.
    Extends sentence structure.
            Sentence Structure
    Correct sentence form
    Random words or letters. Uses phrases. Uses complete sentences.
           Grammar and Usage
    Correct word usage, correct rules of English grammar
    Incorrect word choice. Begins to use subject/verb agreement. Uses correct verb tense.
    #1  Spelling
    #2  Capitalization
    #3  Punctuation
    #4  Spacing
    #1  Random letters, no vowels.
    #2  Never uses correct capitalization.
    #3  Never uses correct punctuation.
    #4  No spacing between words.
    #1  Consistently uses vowels. Spells grade level words correctly sometimes.
    #2  Sometimes uses correct capitalization.
    #3  Sometimes uses correct punctuation.
    #4  Inconsistent spacing.
    #1  Spells grade level words correctly. Experiments with expanded vocabulary words with close approximations.
    #2  Consistently uses correct capitalization.
    #3  Consistently uses correct punctuation.
    #4  Consistently uses correct spacing.






       Correct letter formation

       Neatness and legibility in writing



       Addition and substracting (sums and missing addends)

       Identifies even and odd numbers

       Compares numbers using "greater than" and "less than"

       Coins and values (combining value, making change)


       Telling time to nearest half-hour

       Place value for tens and ones

       Three dimensional shapes

       Symmetrical figures


    Science / Social Studies

       Awareness of people and communication

       Map skills

       Science concepts