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    Dan Durgin

    Director of Information Technology

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    Steve Graham

    Network Administrator

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    Zach Zelazik

    Technology Support Specialist

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    Statement Regarding Internet Safety

    Students are provided with devices that facilitate learning in the digital world in which they are growing up.  Per federal and state laws and regulations, school districts must engage with a series of internet safety protocols.  These laws and regulations address appropriate internet usage, access, and protection against content deemed "obscene or harmful" to minors.  Sutton Public Schools utilizes a combination of filters and firewalls in an effort to protect our students from accessing content that is not school or age-appropriate and, in most cases, these protections work.  We recognize that the internet moves at speeds that our laws and intervention programs cannot always keep up with.  As such, we want to encourage families to always monitor your child's device usage (school or otherwise-provided) and talk with your student about what to do should they encounter something they did not expect.  Contacting an adult who can record the site, content, and date accessed will help us to further mitigate anything that evades the multiple filters.  We will always work hard to keep harmful content away from students and appreciate any support you can provide while devices are used at home too.