Use of School Property

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    CHAPTER 71 SECTION 71 USE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY: PURPOSE. “For the purpose of promoting the usefulness of public property the school committee of any town may conduct such educational and recreational activities in or upon school property under its control, and, subject to such regulations as it may establish, and consistently and without interference with the use of the premises for school purposes shall allow the use thereof by individuals and associations for such educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic and like purposes as it deems for the interest of the community. The affiliation of any such association with a religious organization shall not disqualify such association from being allowed such a use for such a purpose. The use of such property as a place of assemblage for citizens to hear candidates for public office shall be considered a civic purpose within the meaning of this section.”
    School Committee policy regarding use of school property

    To request the use of school facilities, you must: