During the mandatory Covid-19 school closure, please continue to follow below steps 1-3. 

    Temp step 4 instructions: Scan or take clear pictures of the completed application and supporting documentation. Email those scans or pictures to reedj@suttonschools.net with the subject line "Work Permit Request." Your request will be returned within 1 business day. 

    Before you begin the work permit process, please review the "Summary of Massachusetts Laws Regulating Minors’ Work Hours and Occupation Restrictions" which is also available for download at the bottom of this page.

    Application Process Step by Step

         Step 1: Download the work permit application at the bottom of this page.

         Step 2: C
    omplete the form and obtain all the required signatures as indicated.

         Step 3: Make copies of your supporting documentation. You will need proof of your age, such as your
                           birth certificate, passport, or immigration record.

                      *Note: The application will NOT be considered complete without proper supporting documentation*

         Step 4: Bring completed application & supporting documentation to the Guidance office to be issued
                           your Employment Permit.

         Step 5: Bring the signed work permit back to your employer who must keep it until you leave the job.

     During the summer months
         Mid-June through the end of August

         Step 1 -3: Complete steps 1-3 as outlined above

         Step 4: C
    all 508-581-1640 Ext. 1104 and make an appointment with the main office to hand in
                           completed application and supporting documentation.