•         Local Scholarships still accepting applications 
    Some of these scholarships have specific ATHLETIC criteria. Read the criteria for
            each one carefully.

  •         Instructions to apply online 

              Read the scholarship criteria carefully and be sure you have all the required documents
              before submitting your application. Once you submit, you  CAN'T resubmit, so make sure you have
              all your documents in order before 
    moving forward.
              TRANSCRIPT: Most scholarships require a copy of your transcript. If you do not have a copy, please
              email Ms. Reed before proceeding.

              Acceptable upload formats are DOC or PDF (PDF is preferred)

              To begin uploading your application, click the link below, choose a scholarship from the menu below
              and hit "NEXT"


                  *If you have any technical issues with this form, please email reedj@suttonschools.net*

  •         Outside Scholarship Opportunities 
             As local scholarships come to a close, we will continue to add outside scholarship
             opportunities as we become aware. Please note Sutton schools have no control over
             deadlines or submissions for the below scholarships.

             For additional scholarship opportunities, visit scholarships.com