•  If you have not paid for your exam, you need to pay online on the school website through UNIPAY by April 24th. Even if you are considering taking the exam but have not yet decided, please pay for your exams by the date of Friday, April 24th. If you end up not taking the exam, you will be reimbursed. If your family is having financial challenges at this time please contact me. 

           Quicklink to UNIPAY

    •  For any student opting out, reimbursements will be distributed after the completion of the make-up exams in June. 

    •  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO INTERNET OR A DEVICE please contact me for assistance. Additionally, you will need to complete a form for College Board by April 24th.

           Quicklink to College Board form

    • Exams will take place May 11-22 with makeup dates June 1-5. Please visit the College Board website for details on when each exam will take place. Exams should be taken during the May dates. June make-ups should be utilized only for issues with technology or due to illness. 

    • You will want to access the online testing system 30 minutes prior to when the exam begins to get set up.

    • Seniors: If there is a college you would like to send your scores to free of charge, you can log into your College Board account now to enter that information into your AP Profile.
  •      EXAM DATES & TIMES 

         This information was sourced from Collegeboard.org. For additional information or resources, please
         visit collegeboard.org

Exam Date & Times