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    In order to support students that have completed an A.P. course first Semester, our A.P. teachers have created a support plan leading up to the exams in early May.

    There are three parts to the support plan:

    • A 5 (five) week “Boot Camp” on Wednesdays leading up to the exams
    • After school help is available at least two times a week with A.P. teachers
    • Independent study support materials provided by their A.P. teacher that students can use at their own time/pace throughout semester 2.

    Two sessions each Wednesday:
          Session 1​: 10:30-11:00 (Humanities Courses)
          Session 2: ​ 11:00-11:30 (STEM Courses)

    “Boot Camp” Dates:
          1. March 10
          2. March 31
          3. April 7
          4. April 14
          5. April 28

    Teacher After School Availability

  • Independent study materials will be distributed to students at the conclusion of Semester 1 and during
    Semester 2 (as appropriate).

     AP Exam Dates

    If you have any questions regarding the AP Course or the exam, please contact your teacher.