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School safety concerns should be reported to our School Resource Officer
at the Sutton Police Department (508) 865-4449. 
* Reports may be made anonymously.  To make an anonymous tip, please go to: http://go.suttonschools.net/tips
Emergency concerns after school hours should be reported directly to the Sutton Police Department at (508) 865-4449.

District Announcements

Sutton High School Alumni 2009-2015
If you would like your Cumulative Folder for your personal records, you may pick it up in the Guidance Office between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning on August 19, 2015.  The 2008 files will be destroyed on August 19, 2015.
Thank you.

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Sutton Public Schools
Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Memo
School Committee Public Hearing
January 26, 2015
The Sutton Public Schools’ proposed FY2016 budget, $16,558,796, reflects a 4.9% increase ($773,396) over the FY2015 final budget.
The development of the FY2016 budget is driven by the following major categories and the % that each category represents of the total budget:
Personnel $12,842,874 78%
Transportation $1,114,298 7%
Maintenance / Utilities $1,072,755 6%
Special Education Tuitions $777,978 5%
Discretionary Expenses
$568,951 3%
Technology $181,940 1%
 In comparison to the previous year’s budget, the above cost categories are as follows:
            2015           2016           Increase  
Personnel $12,314,624 $12,842,874 $528,250 3.35%
Transportation $1,050,095 $1,114,298 $64,203 0.41%
Maintenance / Utilities $907,223 $1,072,755 $165,532 1.05%
Special Education Tuitions $777,323 $777,978 $655 0.00%
Discretionary Expenses $559,073 $568,951 $9,878 0.06%
Technology $177,062 $181,940 $4,878 0.03%
The Sutton Teachers Association (STA) negotiated for a 1.5% cost of living adjustment (COLA) in addition to steps for years and lanes for educational advances.  The Sutton Educational Support Association (SESA) negotiated for a step grid with a 3% COLA when they have reached the top step in the grid. 
Personnel changes for the budget are as follows:
  2015 2016 Increase
Personnel $12,314,624 $12,842,874 $528,250
Material Changes in Personnel:
Contractual Increases          
New Positions Proposed:
1 FTE High School Special Education $50,000
1 FTE Custodian $24,000
Middle School Coaches $9,000
New Positions Proposed:
1 FTE High School Special Education
The new High School special education position will be necessary to meet the needs of the student population.
1 FTE Custodian
The new 1 FTE custodian is a middle and high school night custodian to accommodate the new square footage brought on-line with the new building.  This will allow the Middle and High school to have one day custodian and 5 night custodians to cover 167,000 square feet. The Simonian Center and Elementary School have one day custodian and five (5) night custodians for 165,000 square feet.  That is roughly 33,000 square feet for each night custodian.   According to industry standards, this allows for a level three cleaning which is an acceptable cleaning practice for most schools. 
Middle School Coaches
The Middle School program for cross country and track began in FY2015 in accordance with the athletic waiver for 2015.  These positions were not included in the FY2015 budget as they were added in the fall.  This line is underfunded for the FY2015 budget.  It is included in the FY2016 budget to retain the program.  All students pay a $200 athletic fee that offsets the cost of the athletic programs.
The FY 2016 proposed budget includes the existing four (4) sections of Kindergarten and five (5) sections each for grades one through five in the Simonian Center and Elementary school.  Class sizes for these grades are as follows:
Kindergarten 4 sections 20 students
Grade One 5 sections 20 students
Grade Two 5 sections 20 students
Grade Three 5 sections 21-22 students
Grade Four 5 sections 22 students
Grade Five 5 sections 26-27 students
The middle school will have one team for each grade level consisting of four core academic teachers each.  This will allow for class sizes to be 24-25 in both sixth and seventh grade, and 23-24 in eighth grade.  The high school will have five teachers for each core academic area.   The middle school student population will have an estimated net decrease of 29 students.  The high school will graduate 109 students with an incoming class of 155.  Using an estimate of 25 students leaving the district for private and vocational schools, the high school student population will have a net increase of 21 students.  The FY2016 budget plans for two FTE teaching positions from the middle school to shift to the high school to accommodate the student increase.  Class sizes in the high school depend on student selections.
In addition to core academic courses in all schools, there are electives / specials such as technology, art, music, physical education, etc. 
The current transportation contract ends on June 30, 2015.  The FY2016 budget consists of an estimated five (5) % increase for the new contract to account for the majority of the transportation increase.  The remaining increase is for vehicle repairs for the Sutton Schools fleet.  Most of the current vehicles have over 150,000 miles and therefore experiencing higher repair costs.  The vehicles are replaced through the Sutton Schools vehicle revolving account.  This account is funded by charging area towns to transport their students to placements in a ride share agreement.  One bus is being replaced in spring 2015.  This will utilize a majority of the existing balance.  The plan is to replace two vans in the near future if the revenue is sufficient.  Replacement of the vehicles could allow this line item to be reduced.  A continuation of reduced gas prices could also allow flexibility in this line item.
Maintenance / Utilities:
The FY2016 budget takes into account bringing the full new building on-line.  The material changes are as follows:
Electricity $194,000
Custodial Supplies $15,000
Building Contracted $5,000
Building Supplies $8,000
Building Repairs $9,000
Other Utilities ($3,000)
Heating Fuel ($63,000)
The increase in electricity has three components.  The first component is to bring the additional square footage on-line and therefore increased kwh usage.  The second component is the contract for competitive supply expires in June 2015.  The third component is the increase in rates for National Grid.  A new competitive supply contract and the National Grid rate have been estimated for a 20% increase.  The new photovoltaic (PV) for the middle and high school has not been fully commissioned as of the date of this budget development.  The electricity has therefore been budgeted at gross.  When the PV is fully commissioned, there is an estimated savings of $21,000.  This could reduce this line in the future.
The custodial supplies, building contracted, supplies and repairs are all estimated increases accounting for the new building fully on-line.  The net additional square footage will be 49,000 (65,000 less the modular square footage of 16,000).
Special Education Tuitions:
Students that cannot be serviced within Sutton Public Schools are sent to locations that can fit their needs.  This is a cost that can change dramatically from one day, or year to the next.   For FY2015, costs increased by $120,000 after the School Committee budget was adopted.  This resulted in using more School Choice Revolving money than originally appropriated to balance the FY2015 budget.  The increased use in School Choice Revolving has a detrimental effect on funding the FY2016 budget. 
Discretionary Expenses and Technology:
Discretionary Expenses and Technology increased by a nominal amount.  Some individual items increased such as classroom supplies.  However, that increase was then offset by a decrease in textbooks.
Budget Funding:
                    2015             2016
State & Local Funding – General Fund $13,899,244 $14,299,244
Revolving Accounts $1,371,766 $1,136,672
Grants $514,390 $441,000
TOTAL FUNDED: $15,785,400 $15,876,916
Sutton Public Schools appropriates revolving accounts and grants to supplement the funding from the state and Town of Sutton.  The district has explored several avenues to generate revenue over the years.  Students are charged fees for athletics, parking, preschool and transportation.  The school district also runs an Extended Care Program to generate revenue.  The in-house transportation is self-sustaining for vehicle replacement by charging other towns to transport their students in ride share agreements.  School Choice and Circuit Breaker funding are also utilized in the revolving fund appropriations.  
Grant funding is primarily for Special Education costs.
The appropriation from the revolving funds continues to be above the annual revenue received, therefore contributing to a structural deficit for Sutton Public schools.  The goal is to align the revenues and expenditures.  The funding of the FY2016 budget reflects a decrease in revolving accounts and grants of $308,000 and an increase from the Town of Sutton of $400,000.  The remaining increase of $681,000 is the estimated unfunded balance for the FY2016 budget, as of this date 1/26/2015.
Long Term Planning:
Sutton Public Schools continues to explore ways to close the structural deficit.  The discussions focus on generating revenue and eliminating expenses when possible.  For example, in house transportation reduces the budget by an estimated $184,000 in FY2016 compared to contracting out for these services.  Other long term planning includes the expansion of the Extended Care Program and the exploration of a Daycare Center.  Pulling water and sewer to the Sutton campus would eliminate cost of the wastewater and water treatment plant.  The operational expenses for these utilities represent $150,000 in the FY2016 budget.  The increase in the minimum wage in the state of Massachusetts by three dollars ($3) over the next three years will also be a factor in future contract negotiations.

Special Education Announcement:

 The Sutton School Committee recently approved the school calendar for 2015-2016. In this calendar the school year will not begin until September. The summer program dates are being changed to minimize regression of skills. The summer will remain a 5 week program running from 
July 6-July 23 and Aug. 3-Aug. 13. (There will be No School July 27-31.)
Superintendent's Welcome
I am pleased to welcome you to the Sutton Public Schools’ website.  The Sutton School Community has been working diligently to develop and improve upon the existing educational, social and community based practices to best serve the children of Sutton.
·         The District Learning Team (DLT) developed the new Mission, Vision and Learning Principles that will be used to guide all educational and budgetary decisions.
·         The Curriculum Review Committee developed a five-year Strategic Plan for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.  An Updated Strategic Plan for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment has been put into place as of September, 2014.
·         Within the strategic plan three district-wide goals for curriculum, instruction and assessment were developed for the 2013-2014 school year
·         The Superintendent Goals for 2014-2015
These initiatives are designed to move the Sutton Public Schools toward 21st century learning standards for all children in our community. Improved educational opportunities would not be possible without the generous broad-based support of the entire staff, families, community members, DLT, PTO, PAC, booster clubs, SEFT, and business community at large. I greatly appreciate all the support provided by all members of the Sutton Learning Community as we continue to explore ways to improve the educational experience for every child who walks through our doors. Please remember, education is a journey not a race.
Theodore F. Friend
Superintendent of Schools   
Please Note:
District Announcements have been moved to the following location:
District Announcements

Mission Statement
The Sutton Learning Community cultivates a positive, collaborative, engaging and safe environment that fosters academic excellence, social responsibility, personal growth and lifelong learning.
Theodore F. Friend, Superintendent of Schools
383 Boston Road
508-581-1600 ext. 1101 FAX 508-865-6463
Dianne Guillen, Administrative Assistant
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